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Thank you for stopping by. After a very active and rewarding career, I have retired to spend time with my lovely bride and family.

My career spanned 48 years in the fire service and fire protection arena. During that time, I have been privileged to have met and worked with many very good people. I have had many, many interesting and challenging work experiences. I have enjoyed my professional activities with American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). I have flown many hours in the air and driven many miles over the road. I have awakened too many mornings in hotels to the thought of, “Where am I and why am I here today?” It is time for my wife and me to begin another chapter in our lives.

Fire protection has been the greatest profession I could have chosen, and I do not look back and wish that I had selected another profession. I can only hope that I made a difference, prevented or mitigated a loss, and saved someone and their families the anguish that a major loss brings.

Thank you.

Fire Protection and Safety Professional

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