Campus Fire Safety Tips from ASSE

Are your children, or someone you love, going away to school? Send them ASSE’s Campus Fire Safety Tips.

Just last month, in August, 2010, a fire at a sorority house at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, caused more than 70 occupants to evacuate, injured one woman and caused over $50,000 in damage to the building.

Check out the tips at:

Many of us have lived on campus, Do you have a campus fire safety story to share?

One Response to Campus Fire Safety Tips from ASSE

  1. waltbeattie says:

    Yes, this is a big problem. In the event of a fire, the firefighters must use a lot of their resources in searching for and removing residents who did not leave the building. In a dormatory with 100 or more students on a floor, this is a huge undertaking to search every room in a multistory dormatory. Students sleeping, and not found and evacuated, are at risk of becoming overcome by smoke and toxic fumes.

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